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Hints and Tips

2019-20 AKFC IYFP - Application Process Hints & Tips

Important Ground Rules

  1. The deadline is firm. After 1 Feb 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time, the application system closes.  Applications which have not been submitted WILL NOT be considered. This also applies to recommendation letters: if one or more of your recommenders has not completed their task by the deadline, your submission is incomplete, and perhaps ineligible.
  2. We must receive a minimum of two recommendations, and one must be personal, in order to submit your application. If for any reason you cannot provide either an academic or professional recommender you may still submit an application with two recommenders, however, you will be deducted marks on your application score for the missing recommendation. We discourage this type of activity as it may result in elimination of your application if a decision must be made between an application with equal skills and knowledge base. 
  3. Only materials in the application system will be assessed. If you or your recommender(s) email, fax or mail forms, documents or recommendation letters directly to AKFC, they will not be accepted. Please understand that application volumes are heavy.

Navigating the Tasks… and What the Buttons Mean

The application process is comprised of the following tasks: fill out a form, answer a question, upload a document, and identify a recommender. Each page within a task ends with different buttons; their meanings are explained here:
  • Save and Continue Editing – use this to save your on-line work and stay on the same page.
  • Save and Exit – use this to save your on-line work and exit the task. You do not exit or logout of the application system, just the task.
  • Back / Next – for multi-page tasks such as the application form, use these buttons to move between pages. *Note: you must complete required information on a page before moving away from it, or Save and Exit the task if you do not wish to complete the required information at that time.
  • Back to Submission (located at the top right) – to quit a task without saving any changes since your last save.
  • Submit (in a document upload task) - when you press the Submit button in an upload document task, you are performing the upload, not submitting your entire application.

Home Page

After you register for an online account, you are brought to the Home page. If this is your first time logging in, only the Eligibility task will appear. You must verify your eligibility to the program before other completing other tasks. When you complete the Eligibility task, the other application tasks appear.
On right side of the Home page, you can perform the following actions:
  • Settings: update your account information (name, email, password, time zone)
  • Edit Information: this allows you to change the name of your submission. *Note: this should always be set to your full name (first + last names)
  • Download Application: After you complete the Eligibility task, the system provides a zipped (compressed) PDF of your application. Important: only forms and data that you have completed will be downloaded. For example, if you complete the Eligibility task and then download your application, only the Eligibility portion will be transferred. If you would like a `blank`copy of the main application form to work off-line with, we suggest that after answering the required questions under Eligibility so that the task reflects the status `Completed` you then download your application. *Note: the download is for your reference only. You cannot edit the downloaded PDF and upload those edits into the application system; all form data must be input online (typed, or cut and pasted).
  • Withdraw Application: use this button if you do not want to submit your application or if you want to start over again from scratch.

Working through the Application Tasks

After the Eligibility task is done, you can work on the other application tasks in any order you wish. They must all be completed before you can submit your application.
Once you submit your application, you can view, download and even withdraw it, but you cannot edit it. We strongly recommend you download your submitted application for your reference. It is particularly useful to prepare for your interview!
If you must change recommenders at any point (not including after you submit your application), you can do so according to the procedure in Frequently Asked Questions


The application system works best with Google Chrome.
At the end of the main application form, if you cannot “sign” the application with your mouse please ensure you type your full name in the place indicated after the signature area. One or the other must be done to validate the application.


You should receive the following emails:
  • Acknowledgement when you register. Click the link in the email to verify that it is truely your intention to apply (and not someone else who put in your email address)
  • Acknowledgement when you submit your application
  • Confirmation when a recommender completes their task (submits their recommendation)
  • Reminder one week before the deadline if you have:
    • an application that is not submitted; or
    • incomplete recommendations
* Please retain these emails as your record of your status in the system.


Please choose recommenders carefully and give them plenty of time to complete their task. It is your responsibility to ensure the recommenders submit before the deadline.
Do not choose a recommender who does not have reliable internet access. As mentioned in the ground rules, we evaluate only material in the on-line application system.
You can use the application system to check on the status of your recommenders as their task will show either Pending or Complete. The application system will also copy you on the confirmation email sent to the recommender when their recommendation has been received and their task completed.

General Tips

  • Please ensure your submission is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.  You lose marks for these errors in your application assessment.
  • Please provide only what is asked for. When we ask you to upload a CV and not include a cover letter, do not include a cover letter. Not only will unrequested items not be read, you will lose marks on your application score.
  • Please ensure you fully answer the question asked. Some applicants tend to wander in their answers. We can only assess the parts of your answer that address our question; we deduct marks for lack of clarity or focus in responses.
  • Provide evidence. Backup key statements about yourself with relevant and preferably recent personal experience.
  • We appreciate applications that project an authentic sense of character and personality. Sometimes, highly qualified applicants do little more than restate their CVs on the application form. Use the process to also communicate why you – as a person – are a good fit for the program.
  • Have others read over your answers before you submit, and seek their feedback on the points mentioned above.